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Water resistance

What does „water resistance“ mean?

Water resistant watches are rated based on a laboratory pressure test comparable to a swimmer sitting still under water at a certain depth. Watches that are marked "water resistant", but do not specify a depth rating of from 3 ATM (Atmospheres), 50 feet, 100 meters, etc., are not designed to be submerged below the surface of the water. Although they may withstand this condition for a while, if continually subjected to this situation, they will eventually leak. Just like the car tire will worn off during the time.

In our professional opinion, if you need a watch to be water resistant enough to be able to submerge it below the surface of the water, be sure to get one that is designed with a screw-down crown and a screw-down caseback.

Remember, unless specified by depth, water resistant only means accidental wetting.

Water resistancy is measured in a static condition, under the pressure of a certain depth in the water, and velocity is a function of that pressure. The faster the watch travels against the water - like getting sprayed with a garden hose, plunging your arm in the water while swimming, or even taking a shower - the greater the pressure against the watch and could exceed the degree of water resistancy engineered for that timepiece. So, even for a watch that is water resistant to 100 feet, or approximately 30 meters, water can force it's way passed the crystal seal, case-back gasket, the setting crown, or push buttons.

How submergible is your watch?

It's easy to tell. Just look on the dial, usually between the 4 and 7 digits, or on the case-back for the reference words: water resistant, water resist, W/R, 3ATM and/or the included reference of: 100, 150, 200, feet/meters etc.. A watch is not designed to be deliberately submerged under water if it is not so signified by a depth rating, which will be printed on the dial of the watch or somewhere on the case back with the reference depth for which it is rated.

Water resistance Usage
10 meters
33 Feet
A watch with this resistance level is protected against accidental exposure to water; for example, splashes.
30 meters
100 Feet
This level will easily withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, or getting caught in the rain. Do not put watch under water.
50 meters
165 Feet
A watch with this level of resistance is wearable around household sinks and other daily operations. We recommend to not do swimming with this kind of watch.
100 meters
330 Feet
10 ATM
10 BAR
This level of water resistance will allow a watch to be worn around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming or snorkeling. Do not wear it while scuba diving
>=200 meters
>=660 Feet
>=20 ATM
>=20 BAR
A watch with this resistance level is wearable around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming or poolside diving. It is also suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Do not swim with any watch inside pools or do not go to the sauna. Chemical elements in the pool‘s water will damage the gaskets of the watch.

If your watch has water inside it, please go to specialized service immediately, otherwise watch may become unable to fix.

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