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Personal data privacy and protection is important to us, A. Niaunio store „Nora“ and UAB „Time Group“ (further – Laikrodžiai.lt). We are obligated to honor and protect private and personal information that You provide.

The information about Laikrodžiai.lt implemented personal data management, safety and data provider’s rights are stated in this privacy policy.


I. Main concepts


  1. Personal data – any information about the individual whose identity could or is established (data subject); individual whose identity could be indentified directly or indirectly by indicators such as name and surname, individual’s identification number, location data and internet provider’s indicators, one or several physical attributes of the individual, physical, physiological, genetic, mental, cultural or social identity indications;
  2. Data management – any automated or non-automated operation or operation sequence with personal data or personal data packets, operations might include collection, enlisting, sorting, storing, adaptation or change, familiarization, usage, disclosure while sending or distributing to make the data usable, comparison, combination with other data, restriction, deletion or destruction;
  3. Data receiver – natural person, legal person, state institution, agency or other establishment to which the personal data is revealed, either it is a third party entity or not. If State institutions which by the European Union or State laws has a right to get the data and are using the data for research purposes then it is NOT considered a data receiver; while managing the data these institutions agrees to follow the rules of data management and security legislative acts;
  4. Third parties - natural person, legal person, state institution, agency or other establishment which are not data subjects, data manager, data handler, individuals with authorization of manager or handler which have access to the data;
  5. Data subject consent – any consent given with free will, is specific and non-ambiguous through a statement or unambiguous action by an informed data subject implying that the subject agrees with provided data management;
  6. Data subject – natural person whose provided data is managed;
  7. Special category data – personal data which reveals racial or ethnic origin of the individual, political, religious or philosophical views and beliefs, membership in workers union, data that reveals health records, records about individual’s sexual life and/or sexual orientation.

II. Personal data

1. Criteria for legitimate data management

Laikrodžiai.lt collects and manages personal data on the basis of personal data security legislative acts in which these basis are defined:

  • Client consent;
  • Trying to make and (or) act upon the agreement made with the client.

2. Personal data management reason

Laikrodžiai.lt manages data for e-commerce reasons.

3. Personal data management

Laikrodžiai.lt manages this data:

  • The data You provide with consent when registering on Laikrodžiai.lt website (Basic data such as name, surname, email address);
  • Data provided when make a business (cooperation) agreement with Laikrodžiai.lt (Data such as name, surname, email address, phone number);
  • Other data which is collected with client’s consent and at the moment when the consent is asked for;
  • Other data while trying to make and (or) act upon the agreement made with the client;
  • Security camera data when you shop at the stores in these addresses:

                o   Žemaitijos g. 51, Mažeikiai;

                o   Senkelio g. 14A, Mažeikiai;

                o   „Laikrodžių stilius“ Šilutės pl. 35A, Klaipėda.

4. Cookies

While trying to improve the experience on Laikrodžiai.lt website we use cookies – it is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies are designed to be a reliable mechanism to remember useful information about the client’s time on the website. This information helps us to ensure a smooth website’s work, improve our website’s usage, learn about the clients, analyze trends and improve the website and the services that Laikrodžiai.lt provides.

Data from cookies is not shared with third parties.

Cookies can be turned off. If You disagree that cookies would be active and would save data in Your device, You can change this in your internet browsers settings. Cookies can be turned off completely or for specific websites only. Please notice, in certain cases this can slow down the web browser’s speed, limit certain website’s functions or block access to the website itself.

5. Personal data storage time

Laikrodžiai.lt stores the data not longer than the personal data security legislative acts requires to. We try to avoid storing outdated and unnecessary data, personal and other data about our clients is aimed to be up-to-date and correct.

6. Sharing personal data

Laikrodžiai.lt shares the data with:

  • Clients consent and to trusted data receivers only;
  • To institutions and organizations in accordance to legislative acts;
  • To other third parties with clients consent, it could be asked for on case by case basis.

III. Security measures used by Laikrodžiai.lt

Laikrodžiai.lt online activity meets all international legislative acts, European Union legislative acts and Republic of Lithuania legal requirements.

While Laikrodžiai.lt handles the data subject’s personal data it follows the Common data security regulatory rules and has implemented suitable organizational and technical personal data security measures, these help to protect personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, change, disclosure or any other illegal and unwanted handling of the data.

IV. Data subject’s rights implementation

You have a right to:

  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt with request to get information about Laikrodžiai.lt data handling (“Right to know”);
  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt with request to correct or destroy the data after the client notices it is incorrect, incomplete and/or inaccurate (“Right to correct or destroy”);
  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt with request to stop us from handling Your personal data after You notice the data is handled illegally or unfairly (“Right to stop”);
  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt to disagree with further personal data handling measures and stop us from handling it (“Right to disagree”);
  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt with request to restrict Your personal data handling if You notice that the data handling is unlawful (“Right to restrict”)
  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt with request to delete all Your personal data when/if it was handled unlawfully or the data is no longer necessary to achieve the goals which the data was handled for (“Right to be forgotten”)
  • Contact Laikrodžiai.lt with request to get the information about Laikrodžiai.lt handled personal data and acquire the data in systematic, common use and computer readable format (“Right to data transferability”)

To use these rights You can contact us:

In writing: Draugystės g. 19, LT -51230 Kaunas or Bažnyčios g. 20, LT-89232 Mažeikiai

Email: info@laikrodziai.lt

Phone number: +370 625 15761 or +370 443 74456

If the question was failed to resolve with Laikrodžiai.lt and Laikrodžiai.lt services raises problems or worries and possibly do not follow this Privacy policy or legislative acts, You have a right to contact supervisory authorities, which are responsible for personal data security legislative acts supervision, control and enforcement.

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